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PTFE belt also known as Teflon belts is gradually replacing traditional polyester belt and stainless steel belt due to 100% non stick surface under high temperature, high tensile strength and dimensional stability. 

This heat resistant conveyor belt is made of PTFE coated fabric or PTFE coated open mesh fabric fabricated with required joint, edge reinforcement and tracking system. Teflon belts serve huge scale of industries such as in the production of foodstuffs, baked and fried products, PVC backed carpets, extruded rubber products for automobile industry, non-woven fabrics and screen printing materials, electrical and electronic products, packaging industry. As a professional Teflon conveyor belt supplier, Scifluo aims to provide heat resistant conveyor solution to achieve customers' requests.

Product advantages

Main Features of PTFE Belt

● High temperature resistant, continuously work under -70℃ to 260℃.

● 100% Non-stick surface, all kinds of adhesives, paint, resin and chemicals can be easily removed

● Chemical resistant, withstand all most of chemicals.

● Light weight while high tensile strength

● Excellent flex fatigue resistance, can fit small rollers.

● Open mesh belt has good permeability which help to avoid heat wasting and improve drying efficiency.

● Lower maintenance cost

● Non-toxin, suitable for food processing


Main Applications of PTFE Belt

● UV Drying machine

● Shrink tunnels for packaging

● Garment fusing press

● Rubber profile extrusion and curing

● Jerky grilling, food drying and steam cooking

● tortilla pressing

● Rotary band sealer

● Hygiene Roll and tissue packaging

● Automatic Tabber Stringer for solar panel manufacturing

● Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, laminated flooring manufacturing


Type of ptfe belt

  • PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt has different options of mesh hole like 1x1mm, 2x2.5mm, 4x4mm, 8x8mm and 10x10mm. Mesh holes allow airflow pass through and expedite moisture removal during drying process. The mesh used to make PTFE open mesh belt normally with at least double weft to ensure the strength of belt, several options of joints and edge reinforcements for you to select from.

  • Seamless PTFE belt is a kind of endless PTFE belt conveyor without any joint on it, the belt is woven into a circular belt first, then impregnated with PTFE. This belt is widely used in fusing machine in garment industry because no joint impression will occur during garment pressing. Typical color of seamless belt is black, it can be anti-static or not, white color and brown color can also be made.

  • Fabricated Teflon Belts are made by PTFE coated fiberglass fabric in different thickness, thus these belts are always with joint. Fabricated PTFE coated conveyor belt is always connected with overlap joint which means overlap two ends of the fabric and connected two ends by hot pressing. Various kinds of tracking systems can be customized on the belt to make sure belt running straight.

  • Laminated PTFE Fiberglass Belt is made by two layers of PTFE fabrics interlaced and laminated under heat pressing process, the whole belt has continuously the same thickness. Perfect for tortilla press, rubber curing and tabber stringer process. 

  • PTFE Belts for Tortilla Machine is made of special PTFE coated fabric which is oil resistant and abrasion resistant, besides ensuring high release between pressed dough and belt, the importance is that unique coating reduce oil ingression and discoloration of the belt after some time using. Various kinds of joints can be customized, sensing system can be applied on the belt.

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