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Teflon Pillow

Teflon pillow is made of non-stick Teflon sheet with fire resistant high density foam inside, waterproof, reusable and heat resistant, washable and tear resistant, high quality for you use for a long time. Scifluo in China customizes Teflon pillows for sublimation heat press in different sizes and thickness.

Heat press pillows are one of the most useful tools for sublimation pressing in garment industry when you press your heat transfer vinyl designs. With foam inside, the pillows allow for even pressure across your vinyl and stop thick seams, pockets and zippers getting in the way. 

Product advantages

The Features of Teflon Pillow

● Customizable: different sizes of teflon pillow can be customized to fit different heat pressing needs.

● Heat Resistant: made of non stick Teflon fabric and fire resistant high density foam, the pillow resist high heat to 428℉(220℃). 

● Nonstick and reusable: high quality Teflon fabric and foam make the heat transfer pillow non stick, waterproof, and can be reused for a long time.

● Protect your working surface and keep the hot platen clean.

● Make better pressing: this heat press cushion ensure pressure evenly distributed, help garment make better contact for heat transfer.

● Eliminate the indentations: Teflon pillow for heat press will help to lift the print area of your garments and make the surface smooth for evenly pressure.


The Applications of Teflon Pillow

● Press HTV on uneven surface, such as thick seams, collars, buttons, fabric overlaps or zippers.

● Protection for screen printing, digital heat press transfer and heat transfer Vinyl.

● For heat press transfer on baby onesie, backpack pocket and hoodie sweatshirts.

● Protect the workbench and avoid burns.

● Prevent two transfers sticking together when pressing vinyl onto both sides of a garment.  

Common Sizes of Teflon Pillow

5inch x 5inch - 12cm x 12cm - (baby or small garments)

10inch x 10inch - 25.4cm x 25.4cm (Medium Garments)

12inch x 15inch - 30.5cm x 38.1cm ( Large Garments)

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