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Composite Molding

PTFE coated fabrics are used in various composite molding processes in the aerospace, wind turbine, and automotive industries, such as hand lay-up, open molded or vacuum bagging applications.

PTFE coated fabrics and tapes withstand extreme temperature while maintaining their release property, the fabric acts as release liner to the mold because its nonstick surface allows clean removal from the molded composite parts after the composite curing process has been completed.

  • For automotive composite molding and boat building

    Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth

    Wide range of lightweight interior car components are produced under thermal lamination process. During the thermal lamination process, different materials such as substrates, molten polymers and adhesives are laminated to produce component parts, Teflon coated fiberglass cloth is used as conveyor belt to carry the product under high temperature, non stick surface will make sure final components release from the belt.

  • For wind blades composite molding

    PTFE Adhesive Sheet

    PTFE adhesive sheet eliminates the using of chemical release agent to cover your composite mold. The molds’ surface is easy to be damaged and worn, PTFE adhesive tape will help to protect the molds, minimize down time for resurfacing or repair of molds and reduce maintenance costs. Extremely smooth surface of PTFE adhesive sheet leaves a smooth final finished surface of molded wind turbine blades.

  • For aircraft composite molding

    Porous PTFE Fabric

    Porous PTFE fabric is specially formulated with minimal PTFE coating to make the surface breathable while maintain the non-stick release property, this fabric is called peel ply, breather fabric and release fabric which is essential during vacuum bagging and infusion processes. Its micropore allows for air and volatiles to escape and nonstick coating ensure clean removal from the molded composite parts. Apart from the common properties of PTFE release fabric such as nonstick, porous and heat resistant, Scifluo’s porous PTFE fiberglass fabric is made of special basic fabric which is in higher tear strength.

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