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Solar Panel Lamination

Scifluo produce high glossy and ultra smooth PTFE coated glass fabrics up to 3000 mm wide. This premium high quality fabric can be used as release sheet or conveyor belting during solar module lamination process. The fabric also can be made into seamless belt punched with designed holes for tabber stringer machine.

  • For PV cell stringing

    PTFE fiberglass belts are used as solar panel lamination belts in the lamination process of rigid and flexible Photovoltaic (PV) modules. Normally there are two types of belts in this application, one type is called seamless PTFE belts which is in brown or black color; another type is called laminated belts which can be one side brown and another side anti-static black. Both types of belts are without joint and with designed holes. PTFE coated materials offer optimal release and excellent heat resistance, resulting in increased manufacturing efficiencies through time saving, higher quality end products and cost reduction.

  • For solar PV modules laminating

    PTFE glass cloth used for the solar panel lamination process is in high quality with super smooth surface because any surface issue may cause defect to the solar panel. Our release sheet for lamination process has high content of PTFE coating which ensure excellent release and longer lifetime. Some PV module lamination machines require the release sheet to be fixed on it, then Scifluo will customize loops on one or both ends, in order to ensure durability of the loop, we will line them with a laminated layer of PTFE coated kevlar fabric when making loops.

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