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Teflon Sheet

Teflon sheet is made of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric which has different thickness from 0.04mm-1mm, and PTFE sheet is normally in thickness of 0.11mm, cut into pieces specially for heat press transfer in garment industry and baking in food industry. Teflon sheet has 100% non-stick surface, can be used over and over again. Scifluo has been professional Teflon sheet supplier for years, have the ability to keep Teflon sheet price competitive and remain stable quality.

In garment industry

Heat press Teflon sheet is a non-stick protective sheet to protect your garment and heat press upper platen when you make heat press transfer. This cover sheet is very easy to use, just simply place the Teflon Sheet between the iron or heat press and the HTV design, it is non-stick, so the heat transfer vinyl don’t get stuck to the machine and your design will not melt to your platen.

In food industry

With its reusable and nonstick properties, Teflon baking sheet is an alternative of disposable parchment paper. Coated with PTFE on both sides, the baking sheet offers nonstick surface which allows you to bake without adding butter, fat or oil, just lay one piece baking sheet in your baking tray, place prepared dough on this sheet for baking, nothing will stick on the sheet and your oven will remain clean after baking. Teflon sheet withstands high heat up to 260℃(500℉), fit all the ovens like gas, electric and microwave oven. Reinforced with fabric inside, Teflon baking sheet can be reused over and over again, thus it is cost effective.

Product advantages

Features of Teflon sheet

● Heat resistant from -70℃-260℃

● Non stick surface, excellent release property

● Abrasion resistance and longer lifetime

● Non-stick surface, just wipe clean

● Food grade material, non toxin


Common sizes of Teflon sheet

● 16” x 20”

● 16” x 12”

● 16” x 24”

● Any size can be customized

● Customer can also order jumbo roll like 1000mm x 30m and cut by themselves

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