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PTFE coated fiberglass and PTFE tape are used in electronic industry for cable and wire protection, FPCB lamination and low friction lining in high speed printer.

With high content of PTFE coating, PTFE coated fiberglass is abrasion resistant, non-stick, electrical insulation and heat resistant. PTFE coated fiberglass non adhesive is used as release sheet, conveyor belt or low friction lining units, PTFE tape is used as insulation tape during production of RF Cable and other electronic products.

  • As insulation tape for RF Coaxial Cables

    PTFE film tape in thickness of 0.05mm is used during production of RF cables, several wraps of PTFE film tape are arranged in continuous intervals which helps to reduce the dielectric constant and attenuation of the cable. At the same time, the outer conductor is longitudinally wrapped and welded with copper tape. The spiral ring form is rolled to ensure that the cable has a high shielding performance and also improves the flexibility of the cable.

  • As low friction lining for high speed printer

    Scifluo customs abrasion resistant PTFE coated glass fabric act as a linear glide bearing installed in high speed printers. They help the paper move consistently and smoothly through thousands of cycles by reducing the friction required, this PTFE linear remain stable in contact with heat which may up to 180°C.

  • As release sheet for flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) laminating

    PTFE coated glass cloth is used as protective and release sheet in FPCB industry due to its non-stick and electrical insulation property, the type used for FPCB lamination is made of high quality fiberglass fabric coated with extra heavy PTFE to ensure the surface ultra smooth without any defects, no defects will be transferred to circuit board after compression thereby increase production rates.

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