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PTFE Fabric

PTFE Fabric also called Teflon coated fiberglass fabric is non stick industrial fabrics made up of glass fiber fabric and impregnated with PTFE on single side or both sides, all PTFE coated fabrics combine advantages of PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene and fiberglass cloth include high resistant, non-stick, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant properties. As a leading PTFE fabric suppliers from China, Scifluo provides Teflon coated fabric in different thickness, these fabrics are divided into premium grade, industrial grade, heavy duty grade, anti-static grade, porous grade, one side coating grade and Kevlar grade. PTFE coated fiberglass mesh with different mesh hole sizes are also available.

PTFE Coated Fabric is mainly used in applications where need quick release, dielectric strength and chemical resistance properties, sucsh as plastic film heat sealing, food baking, drying and grilling, welding cover, nonstick conveyor belt, heat resistant gaskets and diaphragms, chemical resistant wraping.

Main Features of PTFE Fabric

  • Withstand continuous high temperature of  500°F (260°C)

  • Easy release to all objects under high and low temperatures

  • Chemical corrosion resistant to acids, solvents and bases

  • Provide extremely low elongation (<1%)

  • Dimension stable fiberglass offers exceptional durability

  • High tensile strength, suitable to be made into conveyor belt

  • Abrasion resistant surface, low coefficient of friction

  • Non-toxin, pass food grade test

  • Resistance to UV, IR and HF

  • Electrical insulation

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric contains high level of PTFE coating which offers super smooth and glossy surface for quicker release, perfect for food baking and as release sheet or conveyor belt for heat press laminating machines, vulcanizing and curing machines. PTFE coated fabric is divided into standard type, anti static type and porous type. Anti static PTFE coated glass fabric is formulated with unique carbon additive to eliminate static electricity during operation, the material is in black color with anti-static index up to 10^7, this material is typically used to make into conveyor belt for fusing machines; Porous Teflon coated fiberglass are coated with low level of PTFE in order to make the material breathable, used as composite mold release fabric during vacuum bagging and infusion processes. PTFE glass fiber can be made into heat resistant adhesive tapes. 

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PTFE open mesh fabric is made of PTFE coated fiberglass mesh, Scifluo provides various mesh holes include 1x1mm, 2x2.5mm, 4x4mm, 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm to fit different applications. Teflon mesh is used for food drying and grilling, also used to make into open mesh conveyor belts for various ovens.

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