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Textile Industry

PTFE conveyor belt is widely used in the textile industry because the material withstands high temperature and offers nonstick surface, conveyor belt made by PTFE coated fiberglass such as PTFE fusing machine belt, PTFE open mesh belt are essential tool for drying and fusing process. PTFE fusing machine belt provides non-stick, anti-static and seamless surface for perfect fusing press, PTFE mesh belt allows hot air steam will pass over the surface of the garment or textile to be dried. Air flow transfers heat to the material by forced convection and, at the same time, carries away evaporated water. 

  • For fusing machine

    Nowadays, apparel manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing. By fusing technology, the interlining is bonded to the outer fabric by means of a thermoplastic adhesive resin which can be bonded to another fabric. PTFE seamless belt is designed for this fusing process, Scifluo customize seamless belt for various fusing machines like Hashima, Oshima, Meyer, Veit, Macpi, Juki, compared with Teflon belt with joint, it overcomes disadvantage of easy fracture at the joint part of conveyor belt, and offers better bending fatigue resistance.

  • For printing and drying machine

    Teflon heat tunnel conveyor belt is customized by Teflon mesh with different kinds of joint and edge reinforcement. Different mesh holes such as 1x1mm, 2x2.5mm, 4x4mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm are available to fit different applications. This mesh belt is an alternative of traditional stainless steel belt and Polyurethane belt for textile printing and dyeing machine, screen printing machine, UV drying machine, offset printing machine and non-woven fabric drying machine. Because PTFE mesh belt is much lighter and easier install than stainless steel belt and offers much better heat resistance and nonstick property than polyurethane belt.

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