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Non Stick Baking Mat

Non stick baking mat is alternative to traditional baking paper due to its miracle features of non-stick, heat resistant, reusable and food grade. Place one piece baking mat in the oven tray or baking tin, nothing will stick to the tray and tin, cookies and bread just slip off after baking and your oven still remain clean. As a leading non stick baking mat manufacturer in China, Scifluo customize reusable silicone baking sheet liner in required sizes with logo printing and OEM packing.

Non stick baking mat is made of fiberglass fabric or mesh coated with Teflon or silicone on both sides, then cut into desired sizes according to customers’ requests. The material is food grade with FDA approved, don’t need to worry about toxin during baking, there is no problem to use it under 260℃(500℉). Nonstick coating allows you to bake without adding cooking fats like butter or oil, suitable for both professional chef and home baker. 

Product advantages

Non stick Baking mat includes Silicone baking mat and Teflon baking mat:

● Teflon baking sheet is impregnated with PTFE Teflon which is food grade on two sides, common thickness of Teflon baking sheet are 0.11mm and 0.13mm, typical colors are black and tan, any size can be cut and Scifluo provides OEM service by making customized packaging and logo printing. This baking sheet fits all ovens include hot air, grill, electric and gas oven. catch drips.

● Non stick grill mat has the same material as Teflon baking sheet in thickness of 0.20mm, typically for grill and barbecue. BBQ mat is suitable for charcoal grill, electric grill and gas grill, withstands high temperature of 260℃(500℉). Scifluo also use this grill mat material to make oven basket.

● Silicone baking mat is multifunctional baking mat which is inseparable from kneading, rolling, shaping dough to baking bread and cookies, even roasting chicken and vegetables. With thick silicone coating, this baking mat is in thickness of 0.70mm which makes it strong enough to be reused for hundreds of times and offers nonstick and anti-slip surface. Scifluo also make perforated silicone baking mat with 1x1mm mesh holes which allows air pass through for even bake.

● Silicone pastry mat has the same material as silicone baking mat but lower thickness of 0.40mm, designed for rolling dough or fondant, measurements and circles are printed on the mat help to guide you in shaping pizza, free-from tarts and flat breads.

● Toaster belt is a kind of silicone conveyor belt for high speed vertical toaster ovens, the belt is coated with silicone which provides nonslip surface and its surface has a wavy tread system which help to grip the buns throughout toasting process.

● Oven crisper tray is made of Teflon mesh sheet customized into a basket with durable frame, mesh holes allows air to pass through and circulate around 360 degrees of your food for the perfect crispy surface. This crispy tray is typically used in fast food restaurants like Subway.

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