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Supply PTFE Coated Fabric to Customize PTFE air duct

January 06,2022

What is PTFE Air Ducting?

PTFE air duct is a kind of flexible hose which is chemical corrosion resistant and conductive. PTFE air duct made of two layers of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric supported and reinforced by spiral metal keel. PTFE coated gives this fabric material several excellent advantages such as heat resistance up to 260℃ for continuous use, chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance and flame retardant. Outside spiral metal keel offers extremely secure clamping design of wall and gives external wear protection. PTFE air duct is mainly used for suction and discharge of corrosive chemicals such as strong acids, highly aromatic solvents, chlorinated or oxidizing solutions, and aromatic hydrocarbons, etc..For welding waste gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment extraction and conveying; For steam, smoke and industrial dust removal and suction.

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Structure of PTFE Air Duct

Structure: External clamp and spiral wire support (sheet + wire)

Wall Material: PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Spiral Wire Material: Stainless Steel (VA)

Temperature range: Approx. -70 °C to +260 °C

Advantage of PTFE Air Duct

  • Good heat resistance up to 260℃ for continuous use

  • High flexibility and compression ratio to 4:1, good bending radius

  • External spiral clamp offers abrasion protection

  • Secure clamping design and light weight

  • Food grade wall material, complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, German guideline XV BfR

  • anti-stick surface, tasteless and odorless

  • Excellent chemical resistance to strong alkali and acid

  • Conforms to RoHS guideline, REACH, GMP EC 2023/2006

Application of PTFE Air Duct

  • Flexible hose and ducting for hot and cold gases, dust, powder and fibers

  • Extraction arm for dryer, mixer, packaging machine

  • Chemical vapor return hose at loading arm

  • Extraction of paint steam and spray mist 

  • Air and waste water extraction in paper and pulp industry

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